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The growth report 2

December 11, 2009

It’s the second growth report, and already we have some returning voices.

More, more, more:
“The task today is to secure the recovery and promote long-term growth.”
Alistair Darling, who mentioned growth 26 times in his pre-budget speech.

“The good news is that low-carbon energy sources, energy efficiency improvements and moderate lifestyle changes make about two tons per capita achievable with only a small sacrifice of economic growth.”
Lord Turner in the Independent

A little less, perhaps:
“Barring a miraculous new technology, it is far from certain that the carbon intensity of growth can be reduced to stay inside a safe emissions pathway at current growth rates. If that is true, then there are only two options: less global growth or more climate change. If the choice is the former, then who grows and who does not (growth rationing) becomes a crucial issue of economic justice. Growth may be just too scarce and precious to waste on the rich countries (where it doesn’t make people any happier).”
Duncan Green on the From Poverty to Power blog.

We’re not sure what’s really going on:
“Despite Climategate, even a superficial reading seems to indicate that there is enough evidence for effects of man-made activity on the climate. Surprisingly, there is a lot less evidence for effects of man-made activity on something that actually is completely man-made: the rate of economic growth in each country.”
William Easterly discusses whether or not we actually know what causes economic growth in the first place.

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