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The bounds of human flourishing

November 1, 2010

“The mantra of economic growth has become so deafening that it takes precedence over everything, including older and more natural forms of growth. Unending economic growth is unnatural in several ways. First of all, nothing in nature grows for ever; growth towards maturity is followed by decay. Uncontrolled, unlimited growth, in physiological terms, suggests the pathology of the cancerous tumour.

As a bunch of unfashionable economists has been pointing out for decades, there is a mismatch between the idea of unending growth and finite resources on a finite planet.”

Harry Eyres for the Financial Times, who concludes by wondering if it’s time for us to “return to an older idea of growth, according to which we submit to the natural ebbs and flows which are the bounds of human flourishing.”


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  1. November 2, 2010 8:53 am

    I once wrote somewhere: not knowing the right action cannot justify a wrong action. My impression is that mankind continues on the current path of destruction because it does not know a way out. Thinking about the actual consequences of the course we are on simply invokes too much horror. It is similar to the reaction of people who are diagnosed with a terminal disease. There are those who shrug the news off and take it easy and perhaps embark on the trip of their lfietime as long as they still can. There are those who will start changing their lifestyle, slow down, turn to healthy nutrition, trying to find a new balance and perhaps turn the wheel. And then there are those who fall into a near psychotic state of hysterical denial. Mankind is in the latter situation. As a species we are, by and large, in a state of collective psychosis.

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