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Enough is Enough: a report from the Steady State Conference

November 17, 2010

Earlier this year I attended the Steady State Economy conference in Leeds, organised by CASSE and Economic Justice for All. It was a fascinating day of talks and seminars. Part of the aim was not just to come together to hear some interesting speakers, but to contribute to the debate too. Workshops on various areas of policy were recorded and ideas pooled, and the result is Enough is Enough: Ideas for a sustainable economy in a world of finite resources.

CASSE’s Brian Czech describes the report as “the single most complete collection of steady state policy initiatives, tools, and reforms in the literature. That alone makes the report worth its weight in steady state gold.”

Browsing it this morning, it’s certainly a valuable contribution to making the steady state economy more visible, showing what it looks like and how we get there. I was pleased to find a couple of my ideas made the cut too.

You can also watch videos of all the presentations on the CASSE website.

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